58 words, connected together into a tight package

The exercise is called Fiction in 58. It's not as easy as it sounds. And sometimes, it has people wishing for more...imagination is the key to these.


The snow on the rail platform had reached the consistency of paste, runny brown, salty; one hesitant step and sludge spatters across expensive wingtips.
Shoulders hunched, a briefcase dangles precariously off fingertips; a walking contradiction in Armani.
No meetings to attend, reports to read; aimless, he wanders.
Former coworkers rush to evade him; this specter of healthier times.


Anonymous said...

I love these 58s. I’ve been reading them solidly now for what, four months at least? And like your longer flashes, I’ve felt compelled to try them, but haven’t. Or so I say, because I realized just now, maybe that’s what’s driving what I’m doing now. And all that, just to reiterate my appreciation of your voice. Although I chose to quit my previous job I still feel like this specter guy a lot… I think it has something to do with money :-)

Michael Ogden said...

Love your stuff. I need the white box.

I'll be back for it.