Mad Bomber hat on three heads

My dogs are awful when it comes to taking pictures.
I wish it wasn't so.
They look like I beat them to get these shots.
(Treats were handed out like government bail-out loans.)
Fun with photography when you get up way too early, don't have a reliable four-wheel-drive and there's a blizzard out.
Anyway, here's tribute to my Mad Bomber hat:


Anonymous said...

Those are fucking classic! You and the ladies are looking pretty darn good eh.

Justin Farmer said...

You and the girls have the whole Alaskan bush pilot thing nailed.

Anonymous said...

Cute hat, man ;-)
My dog doesn’t get the whole photography thing, either. Thinks it’s silly, like looking in mirrors and at TV sets. But we humans just have to try. How else would we put down for posterity the good times…even though they look like the embarrassed times (Scully) and the appalled times (Trinity).

Lucy said...

These are too funny Thom!
If you didn't put that first one with you in the hat it wouldn't have been as special
hope u have a very happy Christmas!

quin browne said...

*wisely being quiet*