It's in the cards, apparently

My friend Q is convinced that Sioux Falls isn’t my final stop on a mangled journey that pretty much started when my mother died three years ago.

“I will stick by my reading, was about you changing, moving to a different place in life in many ways.”

My question was, “Where am I going in my career?” Here’s what she sent:

Okay; three cards, basis/near future/outcome:

first card was a major one...woot! hanged man, whom I like.... he's not hanging, I look at the old way, and see him tethered. he's prudence, which shows in the basis of your question. you've got a set job, steady, gaining a name for yourself, why fuck with a good thing, right? there is wisdom and sacrifice in the card, and it's saying, "um, excuse me? dreams leaving in a few...might want to remember decisions and consequences!" it's about a way of thinking values, values, your life.... its a fear of being arrested for cruelty to animals..aka, beating a dead horse in the job area. even in love life, things are not what you want, so, you back off knowing there is more, but, not sure where. even work seems of little value.


do not fear, grasshopper!! another major card is here, the high priestess is in the near future position... another major card, I can hardly breathe for the excitement... she's light and goodness and about waiting and learning, but, also about putting aside emotional attachments for a bit... you need to focus on a dream. it's time to make a decision (school) and focus on goals (school) that is where it all points (school)


your last card, the outcome is


wait, I passed out I was so happy. death. DEATH!!! change, sweetpea, change. three BIGass major cards. death is ending and beginning in careers, life, partnership is looming...whhhoooohoooooo!!!! new conditions, new lifestyle (school), new everything... new plans (school), new way of life in every way. within 3-6 days or weeks or months, all is over as is, and begins anew, like the phoenix, only without the fire and smell of burning flesh.

We'll see.


quin browne said...

damn, i'm good.

Truth in the Trees said...

Good, T. Very, very good. Change is good, ends and beginnings are good, possible female in the picture is good. I'm still watching...

Anonymous said...

Struck by lightning in October, the shock to your system, the precursor to prudence, prietesses, and bigass beginnings! I got the school “card” myself this month. It whispered, “SUNY.” So who am I to fuck with fate? In the meantime, I’ll be watching the RSS feeds like a hawk for the latest Surface Tension excitement ;-)