Holiday greetings from South Dakota

I'm anal-retentive enough to be deeply concerned.
I've not sent out Christmas cards yet.
Hell, I haven't even bought any.
Usually, I do the picture card. Pick the best shot from a year of doing crazy shite and throw it up on a card and call it good (even if the people "get it" or not).
Trouble is,I didn't really take a lot of pictures. I didn't really have a vacation this year, unless you count taking down one house, loading it in a truck, hoping in your truck with your dogs and driving 1,800 miles to the Midwest and unloading it all in a new space and build a new life where you know almost no one.
(And I don't.)
Besides, any picture from California wouldn't be an honest representation of my life now.
It's a dilemma.
And then there's the whole idea of sending out the dreaded "Dear friends" letter. My closest circle knows the reasons for the move, but go out a bit further and people will get a Christmas card from me in SoDak and be scratching their heads in wonderment.
I need to explain a few things for a few people.
And time's a wasting.


quin browne said...

my card this year will have


with a photo of bad holiday decorations in someone's yard.

want one?

Anonymous said...

ahh, now that made me laugh... passin thru this week's 3WW... and this was at the top of yr blog.. yes, the delicacy of timely cards... fahgehtahboutit... i rarely send before the holidays...

Anonymous said...

I admire your way of moving home! I haven't written any Christmas cards yet either.