Worked up with Zippy's for nothing

Woke up with a bit of Zippy’s disease.
Zippy’s is a state of restlessness; and that restlessness will lead to anxiety and feelings of worthlessness for not getting a single damn thing done.
I don’t have a place to live in South Dakota.
And this weighs heavy on my brainpan.
It does not help that it is a holiday weekend.
I put out a ton of emails to property management places, scanned Craigslist, the newspaper listings.
Then my dad called.
He’s going up for my nephew’s wedding; he and second sister are going to spend a couple of days looking for a place for me and the girls.
“I can spend an extra day if I have to,” he said. “We’ll find you something that you’ll be happy with.”
And then the sun broke through the clouds.
And I smiled, for the first time on a relaxed holiday Monday.