The mind is a terrible thing (to waste)

My mind is full.
I mean, I have, over the course of the last several days, just to lie down and think. Of story ideas, of poetry prompts – of my future – and everything has taken on this filmy grayness. Distracted? Hell, yeah.
But good, too.
I came back to Cali knowing I wasn’t trapped. That I had options, even if it meant moving thousands of miles away from what I’ve grown to know and love. That there are challenges to face. That there is always life to live.
And you might as well live it to your full advantage.
The next two weeks will unfold as it was meant to and I will be given the opportunity to make decisions that will affect my life for the foreseeable future.
And while the gray shrink-wrap still makes a film across some of my more creative thoughts, I do feel like I’ve got the clarity to make choices that will be best for me.
I guess I’m saying that The Tension might not be the most exciting place in a literary sense, but come on along if you want to continue to glimpse a thought process – a moving forward – in this guy’s life.



I've read along with the thoughts you've posted here on your blog. And although some of your processes are scary, it seems you find a way to get to the heart.

I, myself, have had a sense of the Great Change that seems to come along every so often to shake up our lives and reawaken us to what we are. And, you Sir, are a writer and an adventurer. I believe you will continue to be regardless of where you set your laptop.

I'll be among those who will look forward to seeing what you see on this journey. Like Dylan said, "Always have a good head and carry a lighbulb."

Steve Brewer said...

Is that the way that Dylan thing goes? I thought it was "always have a good lightbulb and carry a head." I've been doing it wrong...

ThomG said...

I like this, from Henry Rollins: “Half of life is fucking up - the other half is dealing with it.”