Emotional roller-coster

What is the “right move?”
What is “best?”
What would make one “happy?”

Practitioners of the Jedi Mind Fuck will recognize these questions – and several others. The thoughts that keep one up at night, keep one pre-occupied in the car, in the grocery line, at work.
The questions that scream from the fibers of your subconscious.
And all anyone has to go on is their heart and their gut. And I appreciate that.
Still, I’m having some difficulties seeing “The Big Picture.” I’ve huddled with allies, listened to confidants, crunched numbers, held silent vigils, lit candles, agonized and it all comes down to pressing forward with the best decision I can make with the information I have.
It’s only my future.


Anonymous said...

More sage advice...
The best decision will be your decision. Don't let anyone else tell you different!


As the Bard said,
"It's life and life only."

You can't fuck up. It's not possible.

Besides, you can be a crazy-assed bastard anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of this is you get to choose. Whatever you do, wherever you go, I wish you well. Keep the faith, man. doni