Pretzel-Boy and Bendy-Girl

“Now guys, reach out with your right hand as far as you can and grab your toes or your ankles or anything you can get a hold of and go ahead and put your left hand on her back and lean her into her stretch. Good, now while helping elongate her spine, massage her back.”
I’ve got my right leg out, left leg in, Indian-style, and I’m leaned over Suzy. She’s in the same position, opposite of me, doing the same exact thing. The room is warm and our skin takes on a slick glow; there’s the hint on incense in the air.
There are 25 couples in the room.
We’re all doing couple’s yoga.
“You’ll try it with me?” she asked a few weeks back.
“Sounds fun.”
We’re on a purple yoga mat and help each other bend, stretch. We touch; we look into each other’s eyes and smile; we touch some more.
“Guys, walk your leg forward and giver her foot a good massage,” Nancy, the instructor, says in a whisper. “For the next five minutes.”
And the class laughs.
Suzy’s put on lotion before the class and this makes her a little slippery. We joke, we laugh and I promise not to drop her.
The class goes on for an hour-and-a-half. It ends with each couple spooning, breathing in tandem, eyes closed. Relaxed.
“You guys want to go two hours next time?” Nancy asks as people put on shoes, roll up mats.
And not one couple says no.
“You’ll do it again?” she asks.
I am not stupid.
An hour-and-a-half of touching, breathing, stretching – looking into the eyes of someone special?
Sign me up.

Nancy’s House of Yoga and Wellness will host its next couple’s yoga class in June. It’s $15 per couple. For more information, go here.