Where's ThomG?

It now can be revealed: I’m just about to board an aircraft for Sioux Falls, S.D.; the largest city in South Dakota, “The Best Little City in America” where the motto is “The Heart of America.”
Yeah, by choice.
It’s a job interview.
I’ll be in the Midwest until Thursday.
And I’ll be Midwest blogging. Hopefully. Maybe.

Here’s some interesting factoids about Sioux Falls:

The city is the regional center of urban and rural interaction.
Cow tipping is not a sport here.
The city is centered on the falls of the Big Sioux River
The first documented visit by an American (of European descent) was by Philander Prescott, an explorer, trader, and trapper who camped overnight at the falls in December 1832.
The John Morrell meat packing plant opened in Sioux Falls in 1909.
In the November 2007 issue of Men's Health Magazine, Sioux Falls was ranked No. 2 on the list of cities with the least debt, finishing just behind Billings, Mont. (how about that TheRobRogers?).
Sioux Falls is hot and humid in the summer and freezing-assed cold in the winter.
The city has a vibrant arts and literary scene.
One of the few replicas of Michaelangelo's David is near the downtown.
The city is home to four minor league sports teams – baseball, hockey, arena football and basketball.
Second sister lives there.


Anonymous said...

Thom - we will miss you, but wish you lots of luck! You're too good to stay where you are, so ... be off like a prom dress on Saturday night!
(no, not him, this is his daughter!)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Thom!

Anonymous said...

A beefaloe where the buffalo roam? Check out the backpacking possibilities and file a prairie dispatch.

And good luck dude!

Vicki said...

Good Luck Thom, Your the Best.

Justin Farmer said...

Good luck Thom G. Hope all works out for the best.

Anonymous said...

I wish you better packing skills than I've shown with my cross-country move! It is amazing how much STUFF you can carry around for years.
You can go as far as you so desire in your career, you've got the skills, always have.
See you in the pheasant fields!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you peace and clarity, Thom, as you check out this possible road.


Thom, its a beautiful part of the country and as much as I would miss you around here, I am grateful for the internet and the opportunity to continue reading your fine work.
You deserve a bigger stage in a place you'll be appreciated.
Nest wishes and I'm keeping my fingers crossed,

Anonymous said...

Two words Thom G.: FUCK YOU!

But seriously, good luck with the new gig and I'm going to miss your sorry ass if you move away.

Uncle E said...

Good luck, Thom. Here's hoping your muse follows.