Thursday's 3 Word Wednesday

The prompt words over at 3WW are empty, highway and ignored. Great words, huh?


Her lipstick, something red and trashy she’d picked up just for this evening, was smeared across her chin, her teeth. Her mascara had run – it was supposed to be smear-proof, live and learn – and in the headlights of oncoming cars, she looked like a wild, bloodied animal.
The dyed black hair, the little black dress, the red bra straps, the heels – the left broken so she hobbled rather than walked - drivers didn’t even give her the grace of a long horn honk. On this stretch of highway, at this time of night, they simply ignored her.
The tears came again, her breaths came in halting, hiccupy sips and she crumbled to the asphalt, opened holes at the knees of the expensive thigh-high stockings he preferred. Pebbles dug into her thighs and at that moment, she felt empty, a vessel used and discarded.
She’d seen the email on his laptop, asking that she meet him at the motel on Route 32. Take a taxi, he said. He’d be waiting. Room 126. Wear the little black dress, the matching red bra and lace panties, the makeup just so – heavy, but not slutty.
The sheer black stockings, don’t forget the stockings, he pleaded.
The kids fussed for her mother – she’d complete her transformation without a lot of questions after mom cleared out – and the taxi was late. She fretted. She kept having to adjust the frilly panties that he seemed to ask for less and less.
She tipped the driver, walked awkwardly across the gravel-strewn parking lot of the low-slung motel with its bright, inviting neon.
She tapped lightly on the metal fire door. Again. And again, louder.
He threw it open in an annoyed arc, froze, cursed.
And she saw the younger version of herself on the bed, thigh-highs, red panties still intact.
And recognized her from his office picnic. The one from accounting.


San said...

oh. how sad. :(

very vivid imagery. and i really like the chronology here.

Anonymous said...

I've read better from a Harlequin romance...spice it up a bit would ya?

Tumblewords: said...

Interesting and well done, imo!

TC said...

OK, I just have to know... how'd she see the email?

Uncle E said...

Thom, you know Lucy. The one whose husband you used to sit next to at work.
Or who you replaced. Or whatever.

Another little gem, Thom. Thanks for posting this.

ThomG said...

TC, too big a hole? I first had it as a text, but that is sort of phone-specific. I ended up with the email as a way to get her to the motel. As a man who has sent stupid email before (email me for the details of why I'm infamous at Pepsi H.Q.), I just figured he'd sent it and kept a saved copy on the home computer.

And E - everyone's a critic. Thanks for being a discerning judge, a connoisseur of ideas.

Anonymous said...

No one appreciates a good poke in the ribs anymore! Crybabies!

Anonymous said...

I like it. But why so dark? Can't the 3 w's evoke pleasant memories?