Sustainability in uneasy times

Want a fright? Watch the news networks for an hour.
War. Students in high schools staging fights for YouTube. The rising price of oil. The rising price of food. Myanmar.

It’s enough to cause gastric distress.

I can’t do much about a lot of things in this world, other than to offer prayers and hope for better leadership.
Gas prices? Ride my bike more, travel less.
Food prices?
Sustainability. Slow Food.
Eat what is locally produced – buy at the local farmer’s market – and harvest naturally.
It’s simple, really. Bake your own bread. Eat only what isn’t flown or trucked thousands of miles (grapes from Chile? No, strawberries from the local grower); fish for your protein. Look for people who raise chickens and sell eggs.
Eat wisely. Eat better, more healthy.
That is my mission.
This day forward.