A matter of trust

Where is your comfort level?
I’ve reached out across the great Internets to seek help in finding a place to live in South Dakota. People have responded.
With long emails telling me they’d be happy to do whatever they can to help out.
Then they tell me about themselves and they include email addresses of friends who live in the area. And tell me to email and make friends, contacts.
Then they offer a little more. Personal details of their life in South Dakota, likes, dislikes, what's cool to do (for them) in the Midwest.
It is all at once heartening and (honestly) a little creepy. Especially the people who have jumped in full-force and are sending me like three emails a day with rental leads and various "things you need to check out when you get here" ideas.
I find myself questioning these people’s motives. For no good reason.
Is that where our society has gotten us conditioned to? To absolutely question the motives of people who generally want to help another soul out?


Anonymous said...

I would say it's all good. No worries. Trust. Fuck, it's the midwest for chrissake. Do you think they would ever put you into the wood bin and grind you up like in that movie.... Fargo?? Hey, wait a minute, wasn't that filmed in South Dakota?

-- shit-ass grin from L.M. ;-)

Giggles said...

You attract what you are!! Ask yourself can you be trusted....I like the people I've met in the blogging world, and I trust no one! How's that for a big fat hypocrite and I mean that literally!