Sunday Scribblings: Passion

The Touch of Oneness
He approaches from behind as the candle-shadows paint her features soft and orange;
pale skin, naked and freckled, she shivers as his hip aligns with her own.

Rough hands settle on her waist, wander over the rise of her pelvis and settle across her navel;
he leans in close to her ear, sighs, blows hot breath and her skin goes prickly with flush gooseflesh.

Fingers kneed her narrow ribcage and hands gently cup her breasts in tandem, his lips caress the nape of her neck;
breath, hot, steamy, as the lovers swoon and begin to grind in a dance themed with the song of passion.

Both excited they shudder, she turns into him and her dainty hands claw rough across his chest, fingers encircle his nipples and he groans;
lips find a mate in the other, legs intertwine, hands left to caress warm skin gone musky with desire.

The moment arrives, two becomes one;
sounds of desire rise staccato, erotic.


tumblewords said...

Erotic, for sure - passion.

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

OK, the only thing I didn't like about this one was the cliche phrase "two becomes one." Actually, I think I like the whole piece better without the last sentence, because we all sorta knew that was gonna happen anyway.
I think I need to go take my temperature.

anasalwa said...

Is it my hot coffee or is it your passion entry?

gautami tripathy said...

I too think you should leave "two become one"

chequered shadows

Jon said...

A little confused here. How can two become one? I mean it's not like she was gonna let him...oh wait. I think I may have answered my own question.

Never mind. I think I'll head off and see how one can become one. Obviously that little maneuver makes typing problematic :)