A cautionary tale

OK, here's what happens when you let all the stress in your life run you down: You get sick.
I've managed to fight off this wicked upper respiratory thing that's been going around. Most everyone I know had it.
Washed my hands, tried to get lots of rest, but it bloomed at about 2 a.m. Monday.
And while I'd love nothing than to recline in bed and write Nyquil-themed short stories and poems, work calls. Too much to do and no one else to do it.

I hope to have something better up later. When I can get back into sweats and bed. Cause last night, under the influence of over-the-counter meds, I dreamt of nunchucks.


fuzzballdaddy said...

Aye, she's a wicked one. I dreamt I was being chased around Valhalla by Odin.

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

Does this have anything to do with our conversation on Monday?
Did you dream of sucking beer out of a tube stuck in the rear wall of an airporter bus, surrounded by men in stinky bear hides and women in helmets too?

Uncle E said...

Hope you feel better, T-Man. It;s lingered far too long at the Uncle E houseold, that's fer sure!
And, Queen, Thom's got your mixed cd's for ya, as requested. Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy 'em!

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

Hey Uncle E,

I got the tunes, THANKS!!!!
So far my favorite tune is Gary Gilmore's Eyes, but I've only made it about 5 tunes into the first cd so far as I drove around town tonight but it kept me smiling, even as I pumped almost $50 worth of gas into my car. Thanks a ton! I'll work on returning the favor.