Six Sentences

If you haven't, use the handy list 'o links and visit Six Sentences. It's all writers who have answered the challenge of, "What can you say in six sentences?"

Here's my answer:

Two for the Road
My dad takes me to work sometimes. He’s a traveling salesman and often takes the double-lane blacktop back roads since he says they’re more honest.
I’m 9 and every so often he lets me drive the big silver panel truck with its sliding doors, brushed metal floor and gear shift as long as my own leg.
When you’re the driver, you get to control the conversation and the radio.
Dad prefers country and likes to dish about mom, while I like talk radio and politics.
When it’s my turn to drive, dad likes to slide his door open and make airplane wings out of his cupped hand and outstretched arm.


Uncle E said...

That's one sophisticated 9 year old, Thom. And more than a little creepy!
Makes me want to read more.

You've got a gift, my friend.