Things to do in Iowa

Top 10 Things to do in Iowa in late November:

10. Eat things with lots of butter and cream that have their roots in Europe (more Spatzle? Hell, why not).
9. Drink.
8. Watch On-Demand movies.
7. Never go outside, because it's cold out (I didn't leave the house for two days).
6. Go outside, but pass from the warm car to a warm place, like a cafe to eat something with butter and cream, or to a bar and drink or to a movie theater to watch movies.
5. Read. I've just picked up Winson Groom's "Patriotic Fire: Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite at the Battle of New Orleans;" I finally finished "The Terror" by Dan Simmons (and was mildly disappointed).
4. Drink.
3. Watch television, even if it's drivel like "America's Next Top Model" or America's Most Smartest Model" or - GASP! - "I Love New York 2" and actually begin to care who goes and who stays (Heather, Assburgers or not, is creepy and should go).
2. Turn on the gas fireplace, sit in front of it and torture the cat.
1. Go to a political rally. See actual candidates running for president (You can't go anywhere without seeing a candidate; Dennis Kucinich offered to pump our gas at the Kum & Go), and get your picture taken with front runner Hillary Clinton: