A downsizing life

I’ve been busy, downsizing.
Thanks to the folks at the United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Sacramento, who will have a truck in my neighborhood on Tuesday, I can jettison a lot of crap that has accumulated over the past 11 years.
I get rid of stuff.
For charity.
There’s a certain good synergy to that, I think. And I’ve not been shy about boxing things up. Sentimental ties or not, I’m clearing the decks. Of a whole lot of just stuff.
Why? It just gets me one step closer to the next chapter of my life. The next big thing.
I’ve taken a lot of words to heart, a lot of deeds, too, and truly see the good in being this close to being so unencumbered with stuff to be able to jump at a moment’s notice. To do and be whatever I want to be.
There’s a certain freedom is bagging up sweaters you never wore – and never intend to wear – along with spare house ware and various knick-knacks.
I cleaned the drawers of papers and all the stuff that gets stuffed in drawers. I’m taking a break before moving to the garage.
To find more stuff to shed.
Like a skin of a snake.
In order to grow.