Please Stand By

It was this, or nothing.
There was a post here about cowards who feel the need to stab a friend in the back (conveniently, when she's not around) to make sense of their own puny careers.
There was no point. There was nothing to gain.
So, intermission.


Large Marge said...

Wow, that video totally sucked. But at least it lead to 10 minutes of other You Tube surfing, including the amazing one-year old doing the "Hot Dog Dance," and also the "Freestyle Dog Dance" video. ;-)

ThomG said...

The kid doing the hot dog dance was vary close to going up. It went on about 30 seconds too long, however.

Large Marge said...

The kid doing the hot dog dance is an amazing Baryshnikov protege. We will hear from him in years to come!