Kill your television

I hate TV.
I mean, I watched my fill here in the Heartland, and I realized that a full 90 percent of what’s on is crap.
And I know there are people out there who plan their lives around television shows. Or they have a digital recorder and record every steaming turd out there.
Reality television is truly the worst.
And yet, I found myself watching “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” twice. It’s like a car wreck; you want to see the broken glass, the carnage.
I’m so ashamed.

Yes, there have been – and always will be – television that engages and entertains. “Twin Peaks?” Brilliant. “Arrested Development?” It started out OK, but lost steam fast. “Lost?” First season was great; now, I can’t even watch.

There is one show that I kind of wish I would have seen since the beginning: “Pushing Daises.” I was getting ready to go to the pub and caught a bit of this show. It’s quirky, the writing is top-notch and it has some weirdness.
But I’m certainly not going to change my life to see it.
I can always order it from Netflix.
See you in the out-of-doors, not in front if the idiotbox.


Anonymous said...

Even season 2 of "Everest: Beyond the Limit" is a bit weak. That is disappointing. The new season of Project Runway is cool though... Robin's got me atticted to that show, I'm not ashamed to admit.

svojoh said...

What?? I just sent our application in for The Amazing Race! I also sent mine in for a new show called Do you trust me?

Want to reconsider, I bet we could win!

Uncle E said...

NEDS ATOMIC DUSTBIN (one of those great British bands from the early 90's we were talking about) have a song entitled "Kill Your Television".
But you probably know that.
Anyway, cut and paste this

into your address bar to see the great B/W promo video...