Accidental fiction in 58

So I was having coffee with a friend and the following conversation happened. I got home and typed it up, it was so good. For shits and grins, I did a word count. Honest to God, it came in at 58 words.
Karmic, I think.
So it's not exactly fiction, but it does goes to show you that all great conversations are always better than any dialogue you care to make up.

Trouble with Canadians
“I don’t think she likes me, anyway.”
“Why is that?”
“I think maybe it’s because she’s Canadian.”
“Canadians, I think, tend not to like me.”
“That’s a pretty big country to piss off, don’t you think?”
“Well, maybe not all Canadians. Just female Canadians. I think maybe I’m too loud for them.
“So, there you go.”


Large Marge said...

I think this is more like it, and it's still 58 words. So there ;-)

“I don’t think she likes me.”
“Why is that?”
“Maybe it’s because she’s Canadian.”
“Canadians tend not to like me.”
“That’s a big country to piss off!”
“Well, maybe not all Canadians. Just female Canadians. I think I’m too loud for them.”
“So, whenever some chick doesn’t like you,
you’re going to assume they’re Canadian, right?”

Jack Greening said...

Great stuff, I bookmarked your site as required reading. You should start a blog Fiction in 58, sort of the Haiku of poetry that would be cheating,