A TiVo for your dreams

The most vivid dream to ever register into my conscious thought – I’m pretty sure my mind has come up with doozies that don’t register – I believe was the direct result of a hotdog omelet.
Senior year in college, right before my final round of finals. Nothing in the house but a carton of eggs, some milk and a package of all-beef wieners.
I remember being pleased that I was getting so much protein into my system.
I actually woke from the dream in sweats. Paranoid, dazed and truly confused.
I vowed never again too combine chicken embryos and, well, whatever wieners are, together and ingest it. And so far, after 22 years, I have stuck by that vow.

It was weird, then, when my eyes snapped open way too early in the morning. The blankets were a tumble; I was breathing hard. It was a dream, a doozie, but one that dissipated like a fog once I turned the light on to reach for the notebook.
I had a nutritious dinner; soup and a small piece of baguette. Sugar-free peach iced tea.
All I can remember is that I was climbing. I remember the red down suit I was in. The sound and the feel of the crampons on the boots, as they made purchase on the icy slope.
And that’s it. Maddening.

I wish there was TiVo for your mind. Digitally record your dreams for later playback. In high-def Technicolor, 5.2 Surround Sound.
It would either be very, very cool.
Or it would scare the bejeebers out of you.
Could go either way.


Truth in the Trees said...

Great thought! I think I could use one of those.