Blog Action Day (poetry delivered)

It's ain't over until...
It's still Blog Action Day on the West Coast of the United States.
And I promised a poem.
Stressful day, but I wanted to make sure I got this posted.

Mother Earth
A whisper in the woods;
Soft, like a breeze through pine.
It calls to Mother Earth,
Do not despair, please not yet.
A murmur now, voices unite;
Mother Earth, we feel your ills.
Voices rise, begin join as one;
Mother Earth, the disrespect must end.

Three things you can do to respect Mother Earth:
1. Buy a water bottle – and stop buying flats of bottled tap water.
2. Recycle. Everything and everything.
3. Replace all your bulbs with compact fluorescents.


Hilda said...

Um, not sure about that poem... But you're But Plugs and Bows piece is pretty much your best blog ever, in my opinion. ;-)

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