Missed opportunities

Because of a mood.
A mood I created.
I missed out.
Missed opportunities.

I missed out on the company of friends, many of whom know the trials and tribulations of The Tension - and welcome me anyway (even though I am in a "mood").
I missed out on trying an ice cream cake made by the best pastry chef in town. An ice cream cake where the ice cream was infused with Pop Rocks.
I missed meeting - and talking with - an author who has had a novel on the New York Times Best Seller List.
I missed punch.

I could make the statement that never again will I miss things because of my mood. Or my need to be "by myself with my thoughts." that I will power through those thoughts and experience all the offers that come my way.
To be in the company of friends.

But let's be honest here. Human nature being what it is, it will happen again.
And it will be my loss.
Once again.


Anonymous said...

Man... I hope they didn't drink any Coke with that cake. Yowza!

Queen Of The Valkyries said...

For the record, let me just say that although no coke was imbibed at this shindig, following PopRock ice cream cake at least one partygoer ripped the sheets off of the loft bed and executed a swan dive into a storage tub full of dress-up clothes!