O.P.P (Other people's poetry)

Hilda is a remarkable poet, who tends to keep her poetry and musings to herself (even though I beg her to share her little online journal).

We had a lot of great, frank, discussions over the weekend. She wrote me a poem last week, and I asked if I could post it. She said fine.

And after a Saturday conversation, I told her that the poem was as much about her journey as my own. And here's Hilda's poem:

One October from Now, 10-10-07

It's my first and second October Anniversary,
and I'm back in the swing of things,
momentum continues to build,
moving me forward,
not backwards, finally.
And in his dark eyes,
I see the sadness,
the unsteadiness,
that was me,
only one October ago.
He's restless,
terrified of his future.
And so I attempt to nudge,
push him
one painful,
step at a time.
I promise him, daily,
it will be better,
that the grass really will
be greener,
one October from now.