Some more Fiction in 58

How often is it that we connect with strangers in strange places. I got to thinking about how we look around, how we look at others, and sometimes connect.
Then I put the characters in a lousy situation.

All in 58 words. See what you think.

In Your Eyes
Lauren rolled her Corolla after softball and a pitcher.
Cory fell asleep at the gas pumps after five Long Island iced teas.
From across the courtroom, their eyes met.
In that instant, a kiss, an embrace. A date, a marriage, children, careers, travel. Much to love. And then, death.
She blushed as her eyes fell away; he smiled.


Anonymous said...

Cool shorty man. I think about that kind of connection a lot, like when you see somebody as you drive in your car and they see you and you think about where they have been, where they are going, what they think and feel in that instant. It is such a trip how different trajectories can intersect for a moment.