OneWord - Licorice

The word over at OneWord? Licorice. Hmmmmm. Once I got going, this fairly flowed.

He remembered something his father had said about savoring things, life. “Pick something you like, but not so much that you gobble it all away.” He’d been given a bag and told that he could have anything he wanted from the candy shop. He passed by jars of chocolate, knowing they’d be eaten in a heartbeat. Circus peanuts? Too bulky, and besides, you could eat only two, max. So he settled on chunks of black licorice. And knew after the first little nibble that he’d made the right choice.


Daily Panic said...

Licorice would be my last choice too. I wonder if that is why they make it in those long laces, so you can eat small bits of it at a time. One lace of it would last me a week.