OneWord - Knot

The prompt at OneWord is "knot." If it feels unfinished, it is. I simply ran out of time.

She looped the climbing cord just how he liked it, across the wrists and ankles, and used a couple of new knots she’d gleaned from a book. And she made them good and tight, tighter than he really liked, but what was the harm in that? She’d tired of his games, the rough handling and this was payback. He protested, but she ignored it. And blew him a kiss as she walked out the door, just as the TV crew she’d alerted pulling into the parking lot.


Linnnn said...

She patted her hair, tucked in any fly-away ends and checked her lipstick for smears. She then arranged her face in that reveal-nothing rictus of a dutiful Senator's wife. "It's about time I was the one calling the press conference." she thought.