Monday's Fiction in 58

Fiction in 58 is an exercise in brevity, micro-fiction. One very short story, in 58 words.

Oh, Baby
She tossed her hair just the way he liked it, totally Rita Hayworth in “Gilda.”
They’d rented the movie when courting and ever since, she’d do that little flip and he’d curl around her little finger. She used the power judiciously, never in anger or spite.
But this was different. Her clock ticked.
Hers was a serious request.


Donna said...

Love the title. Sweet with a touch of serious. Very cute. Thanks for the smile.

gautami tripathy said...

I could see her tossing that hair.

Dee Martin said...

there is more here...he had better look out because it sounds like she is going to be pulling out all the stops :)