Those moments in time

It's getting late as I write this, swirls and loops in a notebook with black felt-tip pen (I can transfer all or part to my blog in the morning).
The house is dark; I see to write by candlelight. It's quiet, comforting.
Just a snapshot in time, a way to meditate over challenges large and small.
Another rough day, decisions made over my head that will affect my pocketbook. A rumor confirmed that will add pressure to an already tense situation.
The forces spin, lead to isolation, some loneliness.
So I write. I excise the demons in the one way I know keeps me sane.
I write them down.
Write them out.
I feel better already.


Uncle E said...

You'll make it thru, T.
Everything we do, every decision we make (or that is made for us, in some cases) leads us to something better.
Keep yer head up.

missalister said...

Uncle E is so right.
Over the course of 18 yrs at a company, I made it thru something like 27 layoffs, 3 brand changes, 2 sales, a bankruptcy, and an emergence from bankruptcy, before I finally left. During that time I only made 2 conscious choices: to accept the job and to leave it. I was at the mercy of fate the whole time in between.
Well, you know you’ll be alright, regardless, right? And you’ll have a hell of a story to tell in the end ;-)

quin browne said...

*humming the theme song from the MFA program*