Sick Boy/Wipe Out

OK, I woke up, middle of the night - nothing out of the ordinary about that - and nearly barfed the bed. That was a new feature of normal insomnia.
I hate being sick.
I'm going back to bed.
Please enjoy this video interlude:

Social Distortion, "Sick Boy"

The Ventures, "Wipe Out"


Noah the Great said...

I hope you feel better. I'm probably 70% done with my second novel. I did it all on paper, so I'll do a first.2 draft when I type it up sometime.

You're welcome to read it, if you so desire to. This one is fantasy as well, but more dealing with angels and the devil and whatnot.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi ThomG,

I miscredited PDG with your 3WW site (I think now that you get credit).

Sorry (especially when one reads item 16 on your list... it could be a latent power, still...), that has now been corrected on my page to give you credit. Bad fact-checking on my part.

If you created 3WW, it is a lot of fun; I haven't created a haiku in over 20 years. I probably ought to spend more time wordsmithing them, but I just love the instant value of haiku.