A Six for a Saturday

I haven’t contributed to Six Sentences, Robert’s great site, in forever (for which I am sorry; the writers over there are supremely talented). Not because there’s not been ideas, but because I’ve got to feed The Tension. I’ve got to get better, more serious about this fiction stuff. In the mean time, here’s a six, built around a word that’s been rattling around in my head for weeks.

She dangled it boldly, a princess-cut diamond on a platinum chain.
He felt the lust, the heat building as he sat at the kitchen table, doing today’s sudoku in felt-tip blue ink.
“Aphrodisiac,” she said again, a husky whisper of delight.
Hands caressed bare hips; fingers traced willowy tracks from belly to bosom - and from there, she fanned her fingers under her neckline, as she arched, sensual, then ran those elegant fingers through her raven hair.
And with that he abandoned the game; standing, fervent, he began to shed his clothing and go to her, his aphrodisiac, the woman for which he respected, loved, desired.


missalister said...

Luscious, luscious imagery : )