ThomG consults the tarot (again)

I was going to do this exercise the other night, but I had a beer in me and didn't want even the slightest hint of alcohol to skew the results. A self reading with my Aleister Crowley Tarot cards.
As I have done before, I use the Celtic Cross, which uses 10 cards and is considered to be the most complete system.
The question?

"How do I move forward?"

1. Base card, my basic situation: The Devil; Accept what life give me - I am the master of my life.
2. Influences, either hindering or furthering the basic situation: The Star; My creative powers of imagination and my all-encompassing consciousness show me the way to realize my ideas.
3. Conscious thoughts on the question/situation: Ace of Cups; all-encompassing love fills me and my environment.
4. Unconscious thoughts about the question/situation: Prince of Swords; my creative possibilities have no limits.
5. Past influences, or that which is just ending: Six of Wands/Victory; do what I plan to do, live in the moment, as it promises fulfillment.
6. Future influences, or that which is just beginning: Three of Wands/Virtue; pay attention, center myself; I have the power and virtue to reflect and know.
7. Myself, my attitude toward the question/situation: The Magnus; I have at my disposal brilliant capabilities that I should share; the full expression of my creative potential makes me happy and satisfied.
8. The energies coming to me from the outer world: Seven of Swords/Futility; my fears have nothing to do with reality; wake up and see what's happening; I am the master of all skills and means needed to achieve what I love most deeply.
9. My hopes and fears: Three of Disks/Works; some situations are demanding; my readiness to work steady and engage myself totally is there; I am now ready to give everything - and get everything.
10. Result, outcome, key: The Hanged Man; it is now possible to recognize when I am stuck and what areas are clogged, rather than flowing; there is nothing to do if I let go and accept the will of the divine in my life, which will reveal itself to me step by step.


Teri said...

Sounds like a plan. and a plan is better than feeling like flotsam...

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