Monday. Fiction. 58.

This is a Fiction in 58, a story in just 58 words. An interesting exercise to try out – quickly – ideas, description, thoughts. If you’d like, play along. Try it, then shoot me a link to your Fi58.

Moving Day
The simple black carry-on sat by the door, an obedient cur.
She moved through the loft in silence, gathering treasured bits and pieces of their life together. She’d left her shoes off; no sense in taking chances.
Only when the cab arrived did she dare peek. The note was pinned to her scented pillow.
It simply said, “Enough.”


quin browne said...

great phrase... 'obedient cur'.

TC said...

You say so much in 58 words.

Then again, she said so much in just that one word: Enough.

missalister said...

I love these controlled feedings. Just enough mystery to drive you mad. Just enough certainty to satisfy.

svojoh said...

Oh yes, very good. Very to the point.