Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

The words over at Three Word Wednesday are hope, gravity and nuance. Still in that post-election, no-sleep haze. This came out dark, wasn't sure where it would go when I wrote the first sentence in my notebook in the dark. It ended up at 100 words.

Gravitational Situations

Hope is a morsel of bait hiding a sharp fucking hook that’s life.
Everyone’s got a price, a tipping point. Nuance is lost on the hopeful. Shades of gray that’s used to explain away the circumstances that led you to the hook, gulp.
I pace the cage of this shitty hotel room, lit by a dusty, bare bulb that persuades the cockroaches to boldly skitter across the cigarette-stained wood floor. A captive of what – piss-poor judgment?
I knew what I was doing.
By now, they’ve found the body.
Thank God for a good leather belt.
And gravity.


gautami tripathy said...

You say so muh in so little. You got a whole novel there!

nameless nuances

DJ Mommy said...

ooooh, Dark! I never thought of hope like that, but now that I've read it, I feel like I have had that hook caught in my throat too many times. Leave it to a fisherman!

Quin Browne said...

yep, amazing where we find...hope.

Vin said...

hmmm..dark, strong..

Thomg, ur comments php aint working:(

my piece is here:

the words were cool, i had so much fun:)

tumblewords said...

Way to go! Your fiction is always so powerful - love the 'short' of it - it's never too long to keep me from passing out due to holding my breath while I read...:)

tumblewords said...

sorry - never too long to make me pass out..

angel said...

I really like your work. Of course, I'm partial to darker pieces. I try to write stuff ever now and then that isn't dark after people make enough

paisley said...

yet one more ... straight out of the park!!!!!!!

missalister said...

Another hot one. The first four lines of this morsel ooze bare soul truth that lovers of words can’t help but go after. The rest is Oh yes!, the figurative image of cage, shitty, captive, piss, giving vivid life to the literal.

Richard said...

gulp and noir