At least I didn't shave off my eyebrows

This is how mistakes happen, kids.
Lose focus for just a moment and you're left with $30 out-of-pocket to your hairdresser - who decided to take pity and get you in on a late Saturday afternoon when you've got dinner plans - for mistakes you made for trying to be goodly groomed.

It's been a long week of work, evenings out, stuff. Saturday dawned cold and windy - it is South Dakota, after all - and after errands, I decided it was time to give the hacienda a good scrubbing. Everything was going famously, until I started to clean the bathroom.
Started to lose focus.
Sink scrubbed, mirror cleaned, I noticed my eyebrows were looking a bit bushy. My little trimmer was there in the drawer. Set the guard, turn the clippers on, I'm looking stylish for an evening out with friends.
That's when I notice the my sideburns looked a bit shabby, too.

I hacked an inch-wide, three-inch-long lawnmower cut into my hair, above my left ear.
I tried to blend it the best I could. Of course, I had to do the right side, too. To match.
"This is ridiculous," I said, putting down the clippers and picking up the celly to make an urgent call to The Chop Shop.
"How bad is it?"
"On a scale from 10 to 1, 10 being the worst, it's a solid five."
"Ouch. I've got one appointment left at 4:30."
I put on a cap and hopped in the truck.
"You know, you didn't do half-bad a job," Val said, running her fingers through the stubble. "Not great, but not bad, either. I was expecting much worse."

A cold beer and a wash and condition later, Val's rescued my receding locks.
"Next time, let me do the eyebrows, too."
"Resist temptation?"
"Yeah, something like that."

Yes, I tipped her, big time.


Anonymous said...

OK... let's see some pictures. That's funny stuff holmes!

Hal Johnson said...

Oh yeah, a photo or two would really add to the story.

ThomG said...

While I agree that a photo would add to the overall enjoyment of this post, I was so terrified once it happened to think to grab the camera and snap off a few shots.

Next time.

Hair actually looks good.

Quin Browne said...

this is how i went from hair below my shoulders to my current 2" cut.


me and manicure scissors... and poor steve who had to 'fix' it.

"quin, what chu do to chur haoir?"