A Very Happy Thanksgiving

Hopefully, you're all tomenting your loved ones - friends and family alike - on this day to give thanks. May the turkey be moist and flavorful, the gravy without lumps - and nobody falls for your uncle's trick to "pull his finger."

My very best wishes.

And, as a special treat, a Thanksgiving video ("As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly") WKRP's Turkey Drop:


Uncle E said...

Now why the hell didn't I think of this? That WKRP edisode is one of the single funniest moments ever broadcast on network TV!
What a great show that was, eh?

Happy Thanksgiving Thom!

Life without Clots said...

Funniest, yet so such a waste. Kids in China are starving, and here they threw turkeys away. Thankful they didn't air the actual drop. Otherwise, I don't think they could get away with the disclaimer,"No actual turkeys were harmed." Unless of course they put giant pillows on the ground.

k said...

to this day, this remains one of my favourite scenes ever on tv.

thank you.