The past is not the end

I found a friend on Facebook recently, back from my days in Dallas (12 years ago).
We traded numbers, then worked all week to try and talk. Friday night, we got to talk.
"I've gotta say I was just flabbergasted at how much life you spilled - your openness and honesty was so disarming. Alarming. Uh, charming," she wrote later.
I made her cry.
It was not my intent.
I just wanted to let her know hat I was OK and that the path that I had been on had grown dark and overgrown and that I had come through a better person.
She understood.
And we've rekindled a friendship that withered with time and distance.
The past is not an ending; it can be a starting point for good things to come.


Lisa Winton said...

Hey Thom!
We did a concert at the Alison Larkin event that Doni covered last night, and I was visiting her site to read her article. It was great to see you there and connect here.

Hope all is well in your new location, we miss you as a good neighbor. Hope your holidays are terrific.