Turn the page, I've turned a corner

I turned an important corner. It didn’t happen all of a sudden like, but gradual. And thinking back on a day filled with family on Sunday, it finally sunk in.
I no longer miss California.
Oh, I miss the people I left behind, my friends, my favorite haunts, trails, creeks, peaks.
But not the place. Not the overall pull of 11 years spent there.
And I think there’s an importance to that.
Because I have this new place.
I was asked if I ever wanted to move back to Cali and for the first time I can honestly say that I do not. It’s moved to a place of “Been there, done that.”
(Hey, if that sounds harsh, it isn’t; it’s just the best way I can explain it.)
I’m here, in the Midwest, and I want to be here.
Next week, I’ll start mentoring a second-grade boy. I’m signed up for hospice training. I’m meeting new friends, new contacts, new sources. Good stories are coming my way – and I have the time and freedom to write them. I have family close.
I have a whole new world that’s beginning to open up (or, at very least, I am open to being open to it opening up).
If I choose to step into this newness.
To march into this new future, I needed to put the past to rest.
Which I feel comfortable doing.


Anonymous said...

That's good to gear, Tom. Some of us were afraid you'd come back.

quin browne said...

ah, the things that can make you smile...

RachelRenae said...

I'm happy for you, dude.

Anonymous said...

I guess that I am selfish..I NEVER wanted to hear those words from you Thom!..(Im glad you are doing good though!)...Donna n Ca...(Yes, I remain anonymous, I suppose that I challenge you to your word, to find me, and punch me).. :-)

www.burkephotography.biz said...

Great to hear you are doing well.
Great to hear you will be mentoring again! You made a big difference for the boy here in Redding and you will make a big difference for a boy in your new part of the world. Enjoy!