Mutual admiration - and a new Six

We "met" online, faithful readers of one another's Six Sentence contributions. Quin and I.
When I decided to leave California for a big unknown of South Dakota, she had blogged about moving West. We exchanged emails:

" love your 6s and was curious about Rob's mention in the last one. I've been to your blog a couple of times, but confess I don't know much of what's going on. Too preoccupied in my own soup. You are moving west? We should write a 6 together. Alternate sentences."

"a quick answer, before you cable goes away... until last july, when my first six went up... i'd never written. rob encouraged me from the first one, and always believed i had something somewhere. we'll see. then, he had me do that awful YouTube video of one of them (my best in my opinion) that i plan on redoing... lol i'm moving back to the house i own in Utah (where i lived with my kids and father before he passed) to do theater for the summer and ride out the recessi..sorry, work slowdown. no sense paying rent when i can pay mortgage, right? yes, that would be fun, to alternate sentences... i tend to come up with an idea, write a six (or a short) in around an hour or so, and i'm done. i need to hone some skills... if you are willing to work with me, i'd be honoured. shall we wait until we both settle in?"

We've both settled into our new lives. And Rob was good enough to put up our story, Internal Combustion, over at Six Sentences. We indeed alternated sentences, wrote a piece of flash fiction without deciding a plot first. We just built from each-other.
It's cool to see what humans are capable of, when we create, rather than destroy.


Quin Browne said...

it was great fun... amazingly so.

thank you again for trusting me.. your work pushed me to think and write rather than just write.

i'll be faster on the responses next time.

ThomG said...

The pleasure was all mine. You can start the next one.

Robert McEvily said...

Hey, I had some pleasure in this too, you know!

(And so do our readers...)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool! Sort of like "phone sex" but with a more "creative" outcome, so to speak ;-)