Some words, 58 to be exact, woven into a story

I’ve got just enough time for a Fiction in 58.

A Siren’s Crush

She wore slippers like ballerina shoes, white satin. When the sirens started, she touched up her lipstick.
A full moon cast clouds in silver; confused and concerned faces shuffled. The satin went gray as the concrete. She tip-toed to view the street, looking for him.
Knowing it was the last time she’d get away with tripping the alarm.


Pri said...

there is something enigmatic about this piece...
keeps u wanting more :)

Anonymous said...

This is a gem. It made me want to try to create such a thing. I sat trying to think short, poignant, twist…something that leaves the reader going Mmmm, yessss, like they’ve just awoken from a dream… No go. I’ve been stressing to meet a deadline at work and that always sucks the creativity right on out of me bigtime. Some day, though, some day… ;-)