A shock to the system

I dreamt I was struck by lightening.
I was in the park at dusk. I watched black clouds roil overhead.
Cold sheets of rain began to fall, huge droplets that hit the asphalt trail with a smack.
I took refuge under a walnut tree, its canopy kept me dry.
The rain was heavy, steady and then just stopped.
The flash was white, blinding.
I awoke as if something did shock me. I drank water thirstily and lustfully, got up, looked out the window and repositioned myself in bed.

This morning, my joints ached. Along with the morning routine, the shave, the deodorant, toothpaste, I downed three Ibuprofen.
And wondered how the mind creates such realistic situations.
Then I pondered what it all meant.


missalister said...

Ooh, being struck by lightning, the black clouds… Batten the hatches, man, for big changes coming down, major transformation and maybe some major emotions and confusion at first. The rain but not getting wet…forgiveness, grace, insights coming maybe? This is exciting! I trust you’ll keep us posted ;-)

Lela B. said...

The last paragraph is sounds like a poem when you say it slowly.