Angst is my muse

The Queen's right, of course. Angst is the mother of all inspiration.
And when I am feeling angst - manufactured or otherwise - the muse of fiction and poetry speaks to me.
The past several nights, I've filled the nightstand notebook with ideas, snippets of dialogue. Good stuff that I plan to flesh out, construct something more than 58 words or 100 words.
Real short fiction.
It'll appear on The Tension, at Six Sentences (OK< yes, I still like flash fiction) as well as trying to get some placed in literary journals.
On Monday, I'm having lunch with an author and poet, the writer-in-residence at a university. It's time to move forward with this part of my life.


Rob said...

I like the sound of this!

missalister said...

I second Rob! That moody bitch, Angst, she's a friend of mine, too. Go, Thom, go!