I was sitting at the barber’s waiting my turn, listening to the tale of the guy sitting in the chair.
He’s 54 and on the same day he got his first retirement check, his doctor told him he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
That was six months ago.
He’s going through chemo, but knows it’s a done deal. So his wife retired Friday and they plan on spending what time he has left doing as much as the couple had planned to do in retirement.
Time will be short. He knows it. But he’s got this attitude of moving forward at all costs.
“It’s going to kill me, I know it, but I’m not dead today,” he said.

And I’m worried about my life.


Color Online said...

Serious. That sucked out all my complaining.

bunnygirl said...

This little story speaks to me because I've had several co-workers die before they got that first retirement check, even though they were eligible for retirement.

This is why I plan to take my retirement as soon as I'm able. I'll keep working, but it'll just be part time, and for fun. Life is so much more than a paycheck.