OneWord, Foam

OneWord is brevity in action. Click, get the word, write. For 60 seconds.
The word? Foam.

He creeps me out, but he creeps everyone out.
If the coffee wasn’t so good, I’d go somewhere else. But there was something about he ancient roaster in the window that transformed gray-green beans into nuggets of joy.
He was know as the Barista From Hell, since he was always making foam art on the lattes. You’d order innocently, and he’d stare into your eyes until you dropped the gaze. With a slight nod, he goes to work and in your cup, a symbol, face, message in foam.
Guy in front of me orders and the dude gets a cup with a hooded character of death.
It’s the main reason I switched to straight espresso, weeks ago.


Dee Martin said...

buwahaha - looks like me if you speak to me before I've had my coffee :)