There was much wavering.
Teetering between a more simple life of hard work and few creature comforts and that of a fast-paced world of blinking, beeping desires. A foot in the past, a foot in the future.
He’d go for hours without Tweets, email, cellular conversations, then gorge himself in a construct world with zero human contact.
As much as his mind craved the stimuli, his heart missed an innocent touch, a casual handshake.
He regressed more and more inward as heart and mind tussled. Until whole years passed from eccentric to recluse to forgotten corpse.
No one thought to check.


susan said...

Why you tellin' my business, Thom?

Solid, sobering piece.

RachelRenae said...


Zouxzoux said...

I can so see this happening. Truly a cautionary tale for those of us who get too caught up in the internets.