OneWord, Spoon

OneWord is a great little prompt. Sixty seconds to write something with a word that's provided.
That word is "spoon."

There’s warmth here, even under a thin blanket. What began as twisted flesh in sweaty passion has morphed into this place – dark, quiet. She breathes lightly, taking air in through her nose and letting it out though those rich, full lips. Every once and again, she lets out a gurgling snore, which makes his heart ache for her more. He’s pressed against her, spooning, and can’t think of another place on Earth he’d rather be.


Percy Bisque Silley said...

Passionately I spoon Raisin Bran from my cereal bowl, hoping it will not taste like cardboard because this is a new brand - Fiber One.

It really is quite tasty, the cinammon I think.

Larry said...

I immediately thought of my girlfriend when we'd spoon on the porch swing at night after all the others went in the house to listen to Sherlock holmes on the radio

Rachael Cassidy said...

you have captured the essence of the "spoon"