OneWord, Sinking

If he’s stationary, he feels it, like a vibration. Especially out in the streets, where his shoulders are jostled by the crowds of drones flittering back and forth from domiciles to occupations. When not in motion, he’s sinking. The concrete loses its molecular structure and becomes quicksand. Ready and willing to help make him disappear. So he keeps moving, like a shark that needs to move for its next breath. He fears the moment when he becomes weary.


Daily Panic said...

this was a more powerful description of disappearing than mine. maybe we both could use a little self preservation right now. If the cement caved and took you under where would you end up? It's can't be hell- it would have to be someplace like a beach in Fiji far far removed from your concrete sidewalks. Sounds good huh? You could use a tan!! :)

Cathy Olliffe said...

Don't we all.