OneWord, Strung

OneWord is an interesting writers’ prompt. Click the button, get the word, write for 60 seconds. The idea is not to freeze up, just let your mind – and fingers – go.
Today’s word is strung.

She uses heavy nylon cord, the kind they use with parachutes so you don’t go falling to your death when you jump out of an aircraft.
She’s never jumped out of an aircraft, she’s practical. Her adrenaline rush comes form the hunt, the stalk.
The kill.
The cord? It’s strung with the hearts of young boys she’s enticed, charmed, crushed.


pprmkr1 said...

Hey, I've seen that cord up close - too close. really. I can relate to that 60 second masterpiece.

pprmkr1 said...

my ego wishes I'd been stalked, though. As Rodney Crowell wrote, "It's always vanity that leaves me flat".