OneWord, Forgotten

Time for a OneWord prompt. That's a word, a timer and 60 seconds. The word is "forgoten."

Eggs congealing on the good China, coffee cold, breakfast forgotten.
A trail of clothing like directional breadcrumbs marks a path from the front door to the bedroom. A second, with less articles, flows from the sunny kitchen nook back to bed.
The tension of the evening, the gamesmanship, has evaporated into screams of passion. There’s was a tryst waiting to happen.
Once they realized the pain they shared, the release came so naturally.


Monica Manning said...

Ah. Makeup sex. Is there anything better?

Toi said...

Whoa, great energy here, Thom is
this hot, brief piece.

Thanks for the heads up on the
typo - and one helping hand or eyes
deserves another - "There's".

Luv the MadTV collage. So miss
that delish program.