Poetry from the Past

This was in a packet of yellowed clippings, notes and envelopes Second Sister brought back from a house-cleaning project at pop’s place recently. We figured I wrote it in my teens.

(And I think we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming.)

Memories...of Being Candid

She prided herself
on her frankness,
and her ability
to be completely candid.

She always said
exactly what she thought,
with no consideration,
for feelings.
she felt it best
to be direct.

And while that’s true
in most of what we do,
there are those times
does much damage.

Though she was often told
being blunt
is not always a blessing,
she didn’t seem to care.

Then one day
she was in need
of considerate words,
and when she looked
for someone to say them,
no one was there.


Donna said...

I wonder where she is today. :)

Marg said...

I have to say I really like the way your writing has matured over the years -I guess that's inevitable but maybe not for all people. Also i guess we all have recurring themes in our lives and part of the journey is to outwork, outgrow, celebrate or maybe redeem these as we progress. Anyway I did enjoy this piece - actually it made me smile

svojoh said...

So with that in mind
she went down to
the waters edge,
the beach, her beach,
stretched out in the
hot sun,
and said,

Fuck you!
You judgemental bastards!